February 6, 2011

169 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Went out with T and R for dinner at Little Malaysia last night, then headed to 1806 for cocktails. Man I love that joint, especially the velvet curtains around the bar, the european-looking baristas and the table service. Oh yes, and the cocktail list spanning over 200 years. I’ve tried only five of the cocktails here, and all have been amazing, so hopefully T and R won’t oppose to making this a regular sort of thing!

I decided on the Corpse Reviver No.2, partly because I love gin and partly because T kept on saying I looked sleepy (give me a break woman, I’d just flown half way around the world!!). Their menu lists its ingredients as gin with Lillet vermouth, Cointreau, and a cheeky dash of Absinthe (the legal kind, I presume). It was delicious. No more needs to be said apart from fresh, crisp and citrus-y. Try it yourself, is my suggestion!

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