January 12, 2015

8 Droop Street, Footscray



Some days, only a burger will do. We’ve all had these days. It could be during the depths of winter, or, as with me, a sunny day in January. I hadn’t even had a big one the night before, so the sudden burger craving was somewhat inexplicable, but there it was anyway. This pressing, impatient need for a burger.


When I told Alex about my burger craving, he replied with, ‘Have you heard of 8bit?’ I had heard of 8bit, had seen photos of their shake-shack like food on instagram, and it was under two minutes before we were out the door, Google-mapping our way to Footscray. When we arrived just after 2pm, there was a long queue out the door, and lots of people on the street corner chowing down on their burgers. Fortunately, the line moved quickly, and it wasn’t long before we had ordered.


The menu is up by the front counter (where you order), and includes the usual suspects – burgers, hotdogs, fries and shakes. It’s classic American fast food fare, and as we walk in, a delicious wave of beef, chilli and deep fried potato hits us. It’s like nothing else.


We select a couple of burgers, some fries, Alex gets a milkshake, and we sit down to the tunes of Drake and Beyonce (on the basis of music choice alone I’m in love with the place) . Food arrives within 10 minutes, and is ridiculously cheap, with all burgers (except the double) coming in at under $10.


Alex’s shake is an oreo / cookies n’cream thing of beauty, deeply milky and biscuity, and very smooth. He inhaled it.


Then our food arrived. Oh yes, sweet mother of burger, YES. This was what I wanted and needed. It was perfect. Alex’s ‘Altered Beast’, a beef burger with bacon, cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, 8Bit sauce and BBQ sauce, hit all the right buttons – slightly sweet yet spicy BBQ sauce, and a strong hit of umami from the beef and cheese.


I went classic with the 8Bit with cheese, a beef burger with tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, mustard, cheese, and 8Bit sauce. Two bites in and I had mustard all over my fingers. Three napkins had already been drawn from their tin. It’s bloody good. So good, that afterwards in the car I can’t stop repeating how great it was.


Oh yes, and when I said ‘we got fries’, what I mean was, ‘we got chilli cheese fries, bitches!’ Hot chips, with spicy beef chilli, cheese sauce, chopped jalapeños and spring onions, oh yeah. The mere fact that these came with forks was an indication of how great they’d be.


Sated, we stuffed all the napkins we’d used into the burger cups, finished off the last of the fries made our exit, fingers still smelling of mustard and ketchup. Two more people immediately filled our seats, keen as we were to get their food. Sometimes, only a burger will do.


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