A.O.T in August

August 4, 2011

It was such a lovely day on Wednesday that I got off the tram early at the bottom of the CBD and walked up Spring St, past Parliament and towards the Exhibition Building, rather than taking the usual (and slightly depressing) tram trip up Swanston.

My hay-fever has been playing up recently, characterised by sneezing fits and an annoying tickly cough that makes people on the tram edge away from me, keen to avoid whatever disease they think I’m carrying. Allergies typically get worse around Spring when all the pollen is in the air, and sure enough, flowers were starting to bloom already in the gardens.

From the Exhibition Building I headed West, and while hot-footing it across Carlton, looked wistfully down Drummond Street to the beautiful terraced houses…sigh.

My wanderings led me to The Univeristy (not an accident, but hey, not all wanderings are directionless) and, more specifically, to Animal Orchestra, where I had lunch with some friends before the day’s lectures.

Finally, to the namesake of this post: the A.O.T. Those in the know will have recognised this as The Animal Orchestra Tea: lemon, ginger, honey. If you’re not in the mood for coffee (or in one of those “I’m cutting back my caffeine intake” phases that last max 36 hrs), try this: it’s warm but refreshing. Animal Orchestra also do a great chai.