Adeney Milk Bar

June 6, 2013

70 Adeney Avenue, Kew

Some time ago while driving along Adeney Street I noticed a small house on a corner with a large front window and, I thought, huge potential for a new cafe. Well, lo and behold, six months later and brother/sister duo James and Cat Laskie have bought the place and converted the old milk bar into a cafe! Great minds! As you can imagine, this brother/sister duo was really keen to try it out, so Alex and I headed there for some breakfast a couple of weeks ago.

The first thing I noticed was how lovely and charming the place looked. Lots of natural light, a cute row of pot plants in the window and simple interior design make it a relaxing place to spend time. It was chilly but the morning sun felt beautiful so we sat outside on one of the long communal tables (though I had my eye on the beanbags by the window).

The charm of the place and the friendly staff give no indication of the unlucky start Adeney experienced when their custom-painted Slayer espresso machine was stolen just a few days before opening. No matter now – there’s a new Synesso and Adeney is doing just fine, with locals flocking to the place.

I’ve mentioned ‘the locals’ because that is really what this place feels like. It feels like Kew. When I went inside to pay, there was a teenage boy sitting with his parents, them sipping lattes and him a milkshake. Upon the milkshake’s arrival, he looked up from the sports section of the Age, exclaimed ‘Awesome!’, and dove in with enormous enthusiasm. There was an elderly couple quietly engaged in a crossword, and two young people sitting at a table, grinning nervously at each other. The owners have got it right; this place fits in perfectly.

The coffee is a smooth, nutty blend if a tad over-heated, and the service is attentive but feels a little unpracticed and nervous (although I’m sure this will improve with time). I’ve been several times since for coffee and it’s been consistently good.

The menu is somewhat limited because they don’t have a full kitchen. But they still manage to offer a tasty selection of breakfast and lunchy things. Alex had some sort of toasted ham and salad pita, which he enjoyed (although secretly I think he was hankering for some eggs – but then what teenage boy isn’t?)

I had the smashed avocado with feta, mint and lemon and greatly enjoyed it, especially on delicious multigrain sourdough!

Yes, there’s a lack of eggs and bacon on the menu, but I’m more than willing to overlook it for this charming little local. With fantastic coffee and a relaxed, communal vibe, I am more than happy to welcome Adeney into the city of Kew, and it seems like I’m not the only one!

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