Amici Pizza

May 1, 2011

Note: Sadly the lovely couple behind Amici Pizza have decided to close their doors and pursue other interests; thank you for several years of the most delicious bread and cheese combinations of my life.

100 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg

Ok, I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur of pizza or anything, but I think it’s quite easy to tell a good pizza from a bad one. Thin crust is a must, and the fewer the ingredients, the better in my opinion. And good cheese, definitely. Amici pizza, in Heidelberg, makes the best pizzas I’ve had out of Italy. It’s run by husband-wife team Michele and Elena Macri, who are originally from Italy. We love coming here because it’s casual and welcoming, the staff are always super-friendly, and the pizzas and goo-ood!

I know that the photos don’t look very appetising but the lighting was dim. I was there with the fam this weekend, and we had 4 pizzas to share, the Amici: tomato, cheese, mushrooms, hot salami, peppers and red onion – great classic flavours on a thin crusty base. We also had La Sicilia: tomato, smoked mozzarella, spek (smoked prosciutto), truffolio and roquette. This was a wonderful combination, very smokey flavour, I’d never had smoked mozzarella before and I loved it, especially with the peppery fresh roquette on top.

All four of us agreed to get the special for the evening: tomato, field mushrooms, gorgonzola and spek. There’s a picture of this one below. Wow, this was great, loved the pungent blue cheese and the earthy mushrooms. You really need to have this one as soon as it arrives, when the cheese is all melted. Absolutely fantastic combination!

The last pizza we had was a white pizza, La Sila: no tomato sauce but with tomato pieces instead, prawns, artichokes, parsley, basil, garlic and lemon. This looks kind of bland but it’s actually really tasty, especially with the garlic and parsley and artichokes. We always ask for chilli oil, and eating at Amici is a frenzied affair, folding pieces in half and eating with our hands, burning our mouths with chilli oil and hot cheese, and sharing a bottle of wine or some Peroni’s.

And for dessert, Amici’s dessert pizza. This thing is seriously wicked, a small pizza base topped with strawberries that release all their juices in the pizza oven and are warm and sweet, topped with giant scoops of nutella to finish. So so so good. As D said, there is something seriously wrong with this pizza, it shouldn’t be allowed! I didn’t even get a picture of this, we were all so eager to eat it while it was hot. YUM.

Amici is warm, honest, loud, simple, delicious. A bit of a trek to Heidelberg, I’ll admit, but well worth it.

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