Animal Orchestra

April 15, 2011

163 Grattan Street, Carlton

Met up with H, R, C, K and T in between lectures for some lunch at animal orchestra. It was a miserable day outside, but at least it gave me the opportunity to wear my new red scarf. We all got coffee and then some of us ordered food. H and T had paninis and C had a pizza with chicken, caremalised onions, cheese et al. which looked and smelled amazing.

I had the baked eggs with sardines and fetta. Although I love baked eggs, sardines, fetta, and the preseentation of this dish, I didn’t particularly enjoy it, which is a shame. In fact my favourite thing was probably the toast (yeah…). First up there’s the logistical problem of exactly HOW to eat it – bite into toast and eggs separately? cut out sections of the eggs and place on toast? Secondly there’s the taste. It had a slightly metallic taste which I assume is from the pan it was cooked in, and there was a strangely hard, oily glaze on top which I couldn’t work out.

So, not so great for the baked eggs. BUT, the coffee is good, and the pizzas and soups (which I’ve had before) are tasty. Plus the interior is wonderfully decorated, the walls are completely covered in cut-out photos and magazine clippings. And it’s ridiculously close to uni – we saw our econometrics lecturer sitting at the next table, but weren’t quite confident enough to approach him, as well as not wanting to spoil his meal (he got a panini, in case you were wondering).

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