Beatbox Kitchen

May 6, 2013

Location varies
Woop Woop! Four burger posts in a row!! Just as a disclaimer, even though this has been the unofficial Burger Week (fortnight?) on the blog (and what a good time it’s been), I didn’t actually eat all of these in the same week: they were spread out over a month or so. Which is still impressive without being grotesque?
We’re finishing up with an old favourite of mine – Beatbox Kitchen. Alex and I had both had a busy week with mid-semester exams and tests, so as a reward for getting through relatively unscathed we headed out to North Carlton, on a blissfully balmy April evening, for some burgers and chips with stereo sauce. And boy did it feel good!
The only thing that did not feel good is when the Beatbox lady referred to me as Alex’s (that is, my brother’s) girlfriend (!!) Major awks … But after a few minutes of awkwardness and mild nausea, we moved on and settled on the grass for a romantic evening messy feast of burgers and chips. Delish!
To finish off Burger Week, here’s a great set of photos from photographer Henry Hargreaves, in which he sets fast food on fire. Reminds me of high school chemistry pracs testing the enthalpy of various reactions. Which was, all things considered, far less exciting than eating burgers. LESS CHEMISTRY, MORE BURGERS! Start the burger revolution!

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