Bistro Vue

April 13, 2012

430 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
I had lunch at Bistro Vue with the family and K quite some time ago (a shamefully long time ago, actually), so have failed on the blogging front in that respect. My NYE resolution was to be more timely with my blog posts (well, that and reduce the amount of Nigella Lawson episodes I watch – it had gotten to the point where I put off eating lunch until 2:30 to coincide my study break with her show), so I’m rapping myself on the knuckles for this little indiscretion! But I digress: back to Bistro Vue.

I’d eaten at Bistro Vue several times before, and each time has been lovely. The food is simple, French (unsurprisingly) and the service is quality. This time they happened to be renovating, so half of the restaurant was closed, but we slid into one of the plush, red velvet booths and perused the small fold-out menu. A paper menu and simple dishes; linen napkins and an excellent wine list. It’s all simple-simple but fancy-fancy at the same time. And full of business people, which I suppose is expected given the surrounds.

See? Business-y. Suit-ish. Tie-esque. Alright, enough.

Everyone at the table except my brother ordered some sort of fish dish; I had the pan fried baby snapper with poached crayfish and a fennel salad, which was light and perfectly cooked and delicious. Highly recommended.

Here is dad’s tuna nicoise, with a zucchini flower on top. Other dishes included a lovely piece of ocean trout and some John Dory. There is something wonderful about a simple piece of fish done well; so tasty and so healthy.
This is my brother’s shot of his duck (canard confit avec petites pommes sautees). Slightly blurry photo (and yes I will hold him to it), but it smelt amazing and the potatoes were perfectly cooked.
We also ordered some sides to share: des haricots verts, des pommes frites, un salad (marvel at my french skills).

Oh yes, and this spinach. It is rather good, do order it.

Moving onto desserts, K had a concoction of mandarin jelly and some sort of tropical fruit sorbet, remarking humorously, “it sounds healthy”. Unfortunately my photo came out blurry (and yes my brother is holding me to it), but the presentation was impressive and elegant.
My brother had the creme brulee for dessert. I had dish envy upon hearing him crack through the sugar top (a favourite pastime of mine), but any such feelings were quickly dissuaded when my dessert arrived.

My wonderful, sticky, sweet, tarte tatin. They bring it out still in the pan and invert it onto your plate at the table. I love the marbling of the cream and the syrup in this photo.

Caneles to finish. All good.

Also, saw this comic from that genius over at XKCD today (hover your mouse over the comic for the caption), which made me giggle.

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