Bristol: Boston Tea Party

February 4, 2011

75 Park Street, Bristol

This is also (obviously) another place I reviewed ages ago in Bristol. I’ve included it because the idea of doing regular facebook reviews first came to me at this point, and M was good enough to take photos of the experience, so began my obsession. Original review dated 10th December 2010.

And so it was that I found myself of a Sunday afternoon, having coffee with M and K on Park Street. Having persused the selection of cafes on offer, we decided on Boston Tea Party (which I knew from the outset was a local family-run chain). They had about 10 giant blackboards worth of menu hanging above the register – the paninis sounded really good and they had the most incredible looking carrot cake in the display (and we all know how I feel about carrot cake). As we waited for our coffees ‘to go’ K exclaimed in awe “It’s such a well oiled machine!”. And it was: when one barista spilt milk, he’d remove the leaking carton and approximately 0.7 seconds later the other barista would come by and wipe up the spill, as if without talking they could communicate. And even I was impressed at the array of hot and cold beverages those two guys were producing by the minute. It was a well oiled machine….that is, until they forgot my order….hmmmm. MISTAKE, Boston Tea Party. MISTAKE. Don’t you know I’m a coffee critic? Don’t you realise I have a quasi-blog on facebook and a loyal following? To be fair though, they were quick to apologise and got me my coffee within a minute. We strolled out to the Wills Memorial and I am pleased (and surprised) to report that the coffee was good. Very good in fact. Strong, with a bitter crema and a lovely aroma. Of course, perhaps it was the company that made this coffee so good! 

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