Bread And Jam For Frances

January 15, 2012

1/107 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

Some weeks ago I stopped by with A for a very quick brunch and coffee (we were on our way to a family thing), and Bread & Jam for Frances (named after an adorable children’s book about a hungry badger) was the perfect choice. Not too busy on a Sunday morning, we sat ourselves down and enjoyed some excellent coffees while perusing the day’s papers. My latte was nice and strong with a pleasant chocolate taste.

‘Bread & Jam’ is Dench bakery’s outpost in the Eastern suburbs, and I for one am incredibly glad that their chewy, robust sourdough is only a short car trip away! They also sell their lovely artisan pastries here. The second feature that draws me into this cafe (the first being good bread), is that it sits inside a bookshop!

Books are the other love of my life (the first being food) – I just love burying my nose in the spine and breathing in that wordy, woody smell. Far better and more classy than the Gloria Jeans in Borders, Bread & Jam for Frances is a lovely place to sit with a cup of tea and indulge in that new novel you’ve just bought.

A ordered a croissant with ham and cheese, which he enjoyed but said the croissant was too flakey (I politely disagree here, I think the best croissants are the most flakey ones).

Perhaps it was because I’d just read an article about Princess Mary’s visit to Australia, perhaps it’s because I’m mad about avocado, but I ordered the avocado, danish feta and lemon on multigrain toast. Many a cafe has a rendition of “avo on toast” on their menu; many a time have I ordered it. So as a self-proclaimed expert on avocado on toast, I declare Bread and Jam’s version a huge success! I really enjoyed in particular how, rather than crumbling, they’d smeared the feta on the delicious delicious toast – scrumptious! Top notch presentation too.

After our brunch, I popped into Readings to search for a book on Japanese cooking, a cuisine I’m keen to try out in the kitchen. Alas I couldn’t find one that I particularly liked – does anyone have any suggestions?

In any case, I will return to Readings to search for that cook book, and while I’m there I’ll order a green tea and a duck omelette with hoisin sauce and spring onion from Bread & Jam for Frances, just to complete the experience!

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