Brunswick East Project

July 1, 2011

438 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

This post is largely a photo post, as I was joined at the Brunswick East Project by the photographer Miss A and the photogenic Miss J. All shots are courtesy of A; you can see her shots from other places she’s visited here. A few doors up from the Hellenic Republic on Lygon Street sits one of Padre coffee’s retail shops, serving great coffee and a chilled out vibe.
Latte. An excellent cup of coffee, strong flavour, quite warm and with a skewed heart drawn in the froth.

Coffee drip, but not the IV kind.

A’s oolong tea. I really want one of these infusers, at first it holds all the water and the tea leaves in the top compartment, then when it’s brewed to your liking you press on the little button on the lid, and the water drains to the bottom compartment but the tea leaves stay in the top, so they don’t continue to brew and make the tea bitter. The tea itself had a lovely smokey green flavour.

I love these two shots of the waitresses pottering around. The one with the lighter hair with her back to us I remember as having an especially pretty voice, very soft and musical.

J’s cappuccino and funky ring. Served in a handleless cup that you cradle in your hands.

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