Brunswick St Alimentari

June 28, 2011

251 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
I came across this place one day earlier in June, while I was spending the afternoon perusing the shops on Brunswick Street. I liked the look of it; I liked the people perched on stools looking out the windows with their coffees, I liked the potted plants guarding the entrance, and I liked the soft reggae music that floated out the door and drew me in.
Brunswick Street Alimentari is a sort of delicatessen-cum-cafe. They have a fabulous looking counter stocked with cheeses, french butter, preserved meats, dips, pickled vegetables, plus hanging bunches of garlic and herbs, cans of tomatoes and sardines stacked high on one wall, and tins of olive oil and packets of Italian pasta on another shelf nearby. I liked it.
Fark, that’s a good latte. My coffee was really, really excellent, the perfect drinkable temperature, with a lovely nutty taste, not very bitter. It smelt amazing when it arrived so I hurriedly snapped a few pictures and dove in. As I said, the place is a deli, but they also do small meals to eat in – there were a number of pasta dishes scrawled onto a blackboard above the counter, which all sounded very tasty. On the day I was there they were offering Pappardelle with lamb ragu, red wine, mushrooms and rosemary, Fettucini with olive oil, garlic, chilli and parsley (simple but brilliant), and also some pork and fennel sausages with mash and cabbage, perfect for winter.

The staff were very friendly in helping me out with lunch. I arrived quite late, around 2:30pm, so most of their food had disappeared. I liked the look of the frittata with capsicum, olives and parsley, but I hadn’t had any breakfast that day and wanted something bready. There was one last bread roll with tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto left, and I nabbed it!

Firstly, really good bread, fluffy and soft, and I enjoyed how the flour on top ended up on my lips after every bite. Really thick chunks of mozzarella and tomato, but I was surprised that they weren’t overpowering, nor did they slip out of place (I hate it when all the filling slips out the sides). A very satisfying lunch.

I was perched on a window seat, and really enjoyed listening to the music playing while people watching on Brunswick Road. I also like the look of that cafe directly across the road, it looks leafy. Perhaps another time.

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