Cafe Eden

June 16, 2011

78 Maling Road, Canterbury
I headed out with A for brunch, and we decided on an old favourite, Cafe Eden in Maling Road. It was surprisingly quiet, especially for 11am on a Saturday. The street is normally bustling with mums and kids and prams and old people with their dogs. But I do love Maling Road, it’s so quaint and picturesque.
Cafe Eden fits into a very special class of eateries for me, the “introduced-to-by-mum” category. The foodie encyclopedia in my head is divided into places I originally went to with mum and dad: places you feel you’ve grown up in, have been going to since you were six. Then there are the places your friends have shown you, most likely in high school or at university, and then finally there are those that you found all by yourself. I like all three for different reasons, but the first will always have a special place because you only grow up once, and the familiarity I have with these places warms my heart. They’re almost like sanctuaries I know I can always go and find.
On this particular visit, I got my customary latte, which arrived severely overheated, but once I’d let it cool it had a nice flavour. A ordered a hot chocolate which he felt was a little weak. He also didn’t approve of the mug it came in (“Why is your coffee cup so good and mine so ugly? I feel like I’m in Starbucks” – a budding comedian, he is).
Unusually, I was extremely indecisive about what I wanted. I hate being indecisive. My dad always tells the joke “I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure”. Well today I wasn’t so sure about eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise, I wasn’t so sure about poached pears with double cream on a gingerbread pancake.
I was more sure about the Canadian buttermilk pancakes, topped with bacon, grilled banana, a berry compote and maple syrup. They looked and smelt fantastic when they arrived, I must admit. And I loved the mixture of bacon and maple and banana, but there was too much food. I am definitely a savory person, I’ve decided (and on this I am sure). I have tolerance for high sweetness, but not high quantities of it. Half way through and I was really full. Even A, a teenage boy, couldn’t finish his serve.

Unfortunately the berries on top are out of focus but I like the caramelised glint on the banana in this photo.

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