June 20, 2011

170 Belmore Road, Balwyn
Was here with the family and M a few weeks ago during exams. Nothing like some good Indian nosh to fuel the long hours of revision ahead. I didn’t take many photos here, largely because I was too tired to be bothered bending down, finding my camera and taking the best picture at the right angle and with correct lighting every time a new dish came out. I was a sloth that day, so sue me.
But I can assure you that the food here, at this quiet restaurant on an unassuming street corner in Eastern suburbia, is excellent. All of our dishes were extremely flavoursome, well balanced, and lacked that awful stodgy, greasy sensation that sometimes comes from eating poorly cooked Indian food. Here’s the low-down on what we ate and what was particularly excellent.
To start…
  • Masala Dosai – rice flour crepe with curried potatoes and vegetables. This was a unusual dish, and I’d never had an Indian spiced crepe before. I did enjoy the taste, and the hot mustard paste you could spread on top.
  • Tandoori Prawns – tiger prawns marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and herbs/spices.
  • Amritsari Fish – fried rockling pieces marinated in mild spices, coriander and chickpea flour. When this dish first came out, some of the pieces of fish were partly raw. I mean, it’s not as dangerous as chicken, of course, but still not a good sign. It was such a shame too, because once they re-cooked it for us (this time fully), it was delicious, one of my favourites from the night. I loved the moreish chickpea coating on the rockling.

To continue…

  • Lamb Saag – curry with spinach, herbs, spices and fresh cream. Velvety smooth, very tender lamb pieces, lovely taste to this dish.
  • Chilli Beef – diced beef with ginger, garlic, tomato, spring onion and dried chili. I really loved this dish, it was one of my favourites of the night
  • Aloo Baigan – eggplant cooked with potatoes, tomatoes and sprices. I always request that we get this dish, mainly because I love eggplant, but also for the delicious smokey tomato sauce.
  • Goan Fish Curry – rockling pieces in a blend of coconut, garlic and ginger. This curry wasn’t hot, just very fragrant and mildly spiced. Dad said this was his favourite dish.
  • Dhal Makhani – described in the menu as “a true labour of love. Black lentils cooked overnight in Tandoor and simmered with fragrant spices”. A classic dish, and such a fantastic version of it.
  • Naan bread, so good!
In short, a filling and colourful meal. If you’re ever looking for good Indian food without needing to go into the city, I recommend it.

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