Chin Chin

August 31, 2012

125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
I’ve written more extensively on Chin Chin before, but they’ve changed the menu slightly since the last time I was there. This is just a really quick post about my drunken dinner there last night with Nic (post-1806 cocktail fest). Thank goodness my camera performs well in low light, otherwise I’d be posting some seriously blurry photos!

Shredded chicken, crab and jelly fish salad with coriander and sweet soy, lime dressing. This dish is sweet at first, it’s true, but that soon gives way to a mouth-numbing chili hit that was probably a few notches too high for my liking. Nonetheless, fresh and tasty etc.

My favourite – caramelised sticky pork w sour herb salad and chili vinegar. Incredible, and more manageable for your tastebuds!

As you can see, we devoured both dishes. I’ve always wondered if the food at Chin Chin tastes as good if you haven’t been waiting for it for over an hour and if you’re not drunk on cocktails/G&Ts/wine. A research project for the future, perhaps?

One night I will dine at Chin Chin while sober. Last night was not that night.

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