Coffee and Macarons at the Hardware Societe

May 3, 2011

120 Hardware Street, Melbourne

Had lunch with the R, T and J here today, and after our scrumptious mains, the chirpy waiter approached the table and said, “so, which flavours, girls?” We had obviously been eyeing off the macarons on the display cabinet a little too obviously. They had six flavours, all of which were interesting, no boring pistachio here! (not that pistachio is boring, it’s one of my favourites, but you do see it everywhere).

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Green Tea
Saffron Vanilla
Salted Caramel
Orange Chocolate Campari


I had the orange and chocolate, which was nice, quite reminiscent of jaffas (you know, orange-flavoured chocolates that no one outside Australian recognises), but I would have liked to have tasted the bitterness of the Campari, which didn’t seem to come through. I also had the salted caramel, one of my favourite flavours, creamy and nutty and salted, perfect light texture with soft centre. R had a chocolate peanut butter macaron, which I almost chose, and which she said was delicious. I would think it would taste a bit like a snickers bar.
Also, I would like to note that once again I was blown away by the excellent service here (I’ve written twice before on this cafe). The staff are all friendly, eager to get us seated and though we started outside, when a table inside cleared they offered (twice) to move us there. And they picked up on our macaroon-cravings! And just generally happy, friendly, caring people. Do not underestimate the importance and sheer joy of finding good service at a cafe or restaurant. Hardware Societe, you are in my good books, and you are there to stay!

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