Yorkshire: Coffee Cali

February 4, 2011


1 Woolshops, Halifax, West Yorkshire

In many ways I owe this blog to this coffee I had in Halifax last December. It came at just the right time, at the culmination of my coffee reviews in Bristol, over the Christmas break, and it was a conversation with E about starting a food + coffee blog that really set my imagination in motion. Since then, I’ve thought often about the whole blog idea, and while not for fame and fortune (as we predicted in our conversation) then just for something to do. So here it is, my original review of Coffee Cali, 31st December 2010


This was in Halifax with E over NYE. After an AMAZING night out involving possibly the most revolting (yet also most fun) nightclub I’ve ever been to and indian food at 3am, we headed out to ‘fax for a coffee. The outside of this place looked nice with tudor plaster/exposed beam architecture, and inside they had a tasty looking selection of paninis. The coffee was fine, the froth was a little too holey, but they’d stenciled a star on it for me and it wasn’t overheated, which is more than can be said for many of the other coffees I’ve had.


The best bit was E and I having a fabulous discussion and creating the film of my life, in which I am a 30-something year old investment banker, disgruntled with my high-flying job and struggling to balance my work with my husband (and maybe children, exact details yet to be decided). Then I remember a conversation I had with my friend E when I was younger (the very conversation we were having) and decide to turn around my life and become a professional coffee reviewer. This inevitably leads to me traveling the world, (hopefully) falling in love with some dark and broody Italian coffee barista with whom I’ll have a heated affair in Venice, and then my eventual success/stardom/happiness/etc (I realise this leaves the loose end of husband/children but as I said, details yet to be finalised). E will of course re-feature as my constant friend and companion (who by this stage in her life is a tremendously famous football star for either England or Barcelona’s women’s team or as a translator for the UN) during my reviewing adventures. Think of that film The Social Network – that’s the kind of genius and drama it’ll encapsulate. E has decided that she would like to be played by Emma Watson, and I will be played by Abbey Cornish, because she’s blonde and Australian (though I’m hoping we can somehow de-age Cate Blanchett so she can play me instead).


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