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September 3, 2011

Level 2, Melbourne Central
You may be aware of my ongoing odyssey to find Melbourne’s best cupcake, having tried Little Cupcakes and Joy Cupcakes previously. And so it was that one wintery afternoon I trotted off to Melbourne Central for a sweet treat. I had recently read about Cupcake Central and was eager to try it out, given that it only opened a few months ago. The cupcakes are baked fresh every day, and they rotate through flavours on different days of the week.

In addition to the usual flavours, Cupcake Central also do some more unusual combinations. The flavours that caught my eye were Chai Latte, Lavender Honey Lemon, Salted Caramel and Devil’s Food Cake.

I quite liked the inventive use of wooden forks to label the cupcakes. Mini cupcakes are $2, large ones are $4 (standard pricing).

“Hatch that Dream” is the mantra of Cupcake Central. Quite inspiring and uplifting really, the idea that someone has had this fabulous desire to open a cupcake shop, and has finally done so. There is something to be said for pursuing something that you love, just for the fun of it, and for the pleasure it gives you. In many ways that’s the purpose of this blog, and one of the reasons, I think, why it’s become such an important and happy part of my life. It’s something that I did just for myself, for the heck of it. And it is fabulous.

I ordered my usual Red Velvet cupcake. I may be predictable, but at least I’m consistent! Plus, ordering the same flavour means I can make more accurate comparisons between different cupcake shops. Then if I like it, I’ll go back and try different flavours. The red velvet here was a tremendous success. The cake was very moist and fluffy, and the icing was rather sour, but in a good way, because it counterbalanced the cloying sweetness of the cake. This really was an excellent cupcake. RECOMMENDED.

Oh darling, how sweet and pretty you are! How I fold when tempted with your honeyed cake and creamy icing!

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