DOC Pizza and Mozzarella Bar

May 9, 2013

295 Drummond Street, Carlton

Alas, the burger craze is over on Let Me Feed You Melbourne (for now, at least)! In order to ease you all gently back into other types of food, I’ve gone with another popular take-away option, pizza. Having said that though, please leave all ideas about greasy, cardboard boxes of dough with shredded processed ham at the door – this is D.O.C. we’re talking about, and it’s damn fine!

Met with the lovely M, aka ‘The Legit Italian’, for pizza a few weeks ago. Lucky bastard is heading of to do his Masters in history at Cambridge later this year, and I am both in awe and extremely jealous. M has said D.O.C. is one of only five Italian places in Melbourne he would deign to eat at, and their cafe around the corner is a favourite of mine, so I was very keen to try their pizza. Eating with such a discerning person was another assurance of the amazing food – later this week the two of us are going out to try Rosa’s (new) Kitchen, so look out for that in the coming weeks!

D.O.C., originally opened in 2009, has quickly expanded into a veritable empire of Italian food locales; in addition to the one we visited, they’ve got another pizza joint at the Mornington Peninsula, a fantastic cafe around the corner on Lygon Street (perfect for a late night pasta + wine), and the recently opened Delicatessen next door. If you’re not in the mood for pizza or pasta, first, what is wrong with you, and secondly, fear not – head over to the deli for a roll stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella and fresh fig.

But enough of this world domination, what of the pizzas? Well, they were pretty damn fantastic, to be blunt. I’m a bit of a fan of mushrooms, and the Pizza Al Porcini was earthy and cheesy and salty in all the right places. Great rendition, very similar to +39’s version.

M had one of the specials – from memory it was something along the lines of calamari, anchovy paste (fark yes), mozzarella, smoked ricotta and fresh parsley. Fresh, salty, ridiculously good. Love the purple curl of calamari legs in this picture.

I’ve suggested before that I use tiramisu as a sort of yard stick to measure the quality of any given cafe. Unusually, D.O.C. makes theirs with sweet goats cheese (instead of the usual mascarpone), pavesini and montenegro. You could definitely tell it was goats cheese, with a sweet, grassy taste. We both agreed that the tiramisu could have been improved with a tad more alcohol, but I suppose that’s the case with just about anything.

In conclusion (sorry folks, it’s essay season and I’m in the mood), D.O.C. is a great place for pizza with a perfect casual no-bookings policy, solid wine list and unarguably handsome staff. What more does a diner need? Check it out if you haven’t already, and you’ll see why they’re dominating Lygon Street.

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