Eton Mess

June 14, 2011

Ok, so I know that this blog is about food and coffee that I have out, at cafes and restauarnts, etc. But I recently had the girls over for dinner and made Nigella’s version of Eton Mess, and thought I’d blog about it. This dessert is named after a very famous public (read: private) boarding school for boys in England. And I think essentially what happened one day was the cook had to make a dessert, and decided to cobble bits and bobs together with cream to make, well, a mess. Thus the name.
The general idea is you take single cream, and whip it up with some vanilla essence, and the you stir through strawberries and raspberries and broken bits of meringue. My mistake was I accidentally bought double cream, which turned out much too thick. But I did a good job with the food styling, I think!
I love tulips.


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