June 12, 2012

155 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
So ‘Hooray’ for me for finally making it to St Kilda! South of the city is one of those grey areas on my gastronomic map; it’s rather difficult to get to from where I live and I only have few friends down that area. But I was recently inspired to take a trip south because of a new cafe, Fitzrovia.

Standing large and proud on Fitzroy Street, Fitzrovia offers a fresh and inventive menu for breakfast and lunch, and dinners some days of the week. I met up with T for coffee and a bite to eat one drizzly Saturday. The place is large but is divided cleverly up into several areas; most of the tables are inside the original brick building, but the bar and a few more tables can be found jutting out onto the pavement in a modern glass extension to the original facade.

Plenty of attention has gone into the place; with upside down potted herbs in the windows and lots of fresh flowers, it’s a pleasant space to be in.

Overlooking Albert Park, the produce here is all sourced from within 100km of Melbourne, which means that it’s fresh and seasonal, all thanks to owners Paul Jewson and Marco Pugnaloni, who have come from Outpost in South Yarra. They also use St Ali beans, which means brilliant coffee.

T went for a sweet dish, the creme brulee french toast with cherries, rhubarb, marscapone and maple roasted pistachios, which was, as you can imagine, pretty damn good. The crystallised layer of sugar was a brilliant touch, and combined well with the tart batons of rhubarb.

I had a dish from their lunch menu (have a look at their menu and tell me if you can stop yourself from drooling – I couldn’t), house smoke tasmanian ocean trout with cucumber, blistered cherry tomatoes, toasted quinoa, white bean hummus and a poached egg. My only issue with the dish was the egg – it was cooked perfectly but I didn’t see the point of adding an egg to this dish – it’s substantial enough as it is and I preferred the cleaner flavours of the trout and the fennel in the salad without yolk clogging it up. Apart from that, it was brilliant; I especially loved the tangy toasted quinoa and the tangy hummus, and all the flavours combined really well.

Great presentation, too.

After our meals we shared one of these with a couple of excellent coffees. Aw yeah! Not that I know much about cafe standards St Kilda, but Fitzrovia is a great cafe in my book, and one I would gladly cross town again for – check it out for yourself!

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