London: Fortnum and Mason

June 17, 2011

181 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London

Credit: Fortnum and Mason

Last September I was in London briefly with M, and during our “Mayfair shopping day”, we had lunch at Fortnum and Mason, a very well know department store that sells excellent food products. They are especially well known for their teas, but also offer gourmet delicacies and pantry staples. Their store in Piccadilly also has a number of restaurants, and we stopped by for some earl grey tea and pea + parmesan risotto, yummy.

We were there for lunch, but towards the end I became very jealous of the people around us who had ordered the High Tea, and had these towering stacks of delicacies brought to their tables.

The whole idea of going out for High Tea is so decadent, and appealing, but I’ve never actually done it so perhaps in reality it doesn’t live up to the hype. But it does make me think of glamorous movies and romantic, by-gone eras. Also High Tea traditionally involves scones and chicken sandwiches, both of which I love.

Gorgeous tea cup sets, too. I am attracted, I think, to the pomp and ceremony of pouring from a teapot through a silver strainer into a decorated cup, then adding a little milk from an equally pretty little jug, and stirring it all with a teaspoon, hearing the clink of the metal against the side of the cup. I did have an earl grey when we were here, it was lovely, with a delicate citrus bergamot flavour. And no milk, obviously.

Downstairs is the actual shop. What a wonderland! M and I perused the shelves and marvelled at the varieties of teas and coffees and chocolates and sweets and toffees and macaroon and truffles, and biscuits. Ahhh, so many lovely lovely things, and all so prettily wrapped. It’s probably a good thing there’s nothing like this in Melbourne, else I’d be strolling the aisles all day!

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