GET ON IT: Steak Sandwich at Gingerlee

May 10, 2011

117 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

Note: Unfortunately Gingerly has since closed.

Took A out for lunch and decided to return to Gingerlee with the intention of ordering their poached eggs with persian feta, mushrooms and avocado, but as my eyes drifted down the menu they caught on the steak sandwich, and when the table next to me had two serves of said sandwich arrive looking and smelling amazing, I couldn’t go past it. In the end, A ordered the roast pork roll, myself the steak sandwich, and we shared them.

The roast pork roll was delish, it came with soft slices of pork, a tangy chutney with pear and sultanas, rocket, mint, red onion and crisp batons of green apple, which I loved, they gave the whole thing such freshness. I also really enjoyed the contrast in texture and temperature of the apple. The rest of the roll was soft-ish and mainly warm, but the cool, crunchy apple was a fantastic addition. Also, the bread in both sandwiches was great – never underestimate the important role of the bread in the composition of a stellar sandwich.

The pork was great, but the steak wins by far. It had lots of thin ‘minute steak’, perfectly pink in the middle, a delicious celeriac slaw (which you can’t see very well in the photo but was piled underneath the steak), rocket (again), caramelised onions, and what I think was a red capsicum pesto. So so so so good, and the juices dripped down your hands and wrists. I think there’s definitely a significant positive correlation between food dripping down your hands and your enjoyment of it, despite the inherently disgusting idea of wiping (or licking) the aforementioned juices off your palm. In fact, I think it is precisely this socially inappropriate display that makes us remember that beyond all the stuffiness and show of food, the whole point of it is to eat something that we enjoy, that is tasty and nourishing and fun. Licking ice-cream or mayonnaise or steak/capsicum juice off our hands reminds us of this, emphasises that what we’re eating, above being “lovely” and “well put together” is damn tasty, and we love it.

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