June 17, 2011

754 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn
I think everyone has had a Grill’d burger at some point, so perhaps this review is a little unnecessary, but I figure if I’m going to have this blog, I can’t do it by halves. I ate here the other week, so I’m writing about it, even if you don’t need to know what it’s like. I hadn’t been to the Glenferrie Grill’d (or any Grill’d, for that matter) for almost a year, and at some point during those months the place has undergone a re-fitting. They’ve opened up a new area out the back, and the whole place is much darker now, with interesting light fittings. The feel is the same though. I liked the exposed brick walls, although disconcertingly there was a nail sticking out where we were sitting, right near my head. No obnoxious laugh-and-throw-back-head combos then.
Today I went with one of my favourites, the Baa Baa Burger. If you are ever asked to make a bet on which burger I will pick, statistically speaking, you’d win with this one. It’s a lamb burger with avocado, cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo.
I also like the Simon Says (grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, salad, relish, herbed mayo) and the Summer Sunset (beef, avocado, pineapple (removed), salad, relish, herbed mayo). I have a friend who works at a Grill’d, and one time when I listed my favourites to her, she laughed hysterically for a few minutes, then said “Nat, they are all practically THE SAME burger, apart from the meat! Have some variety!” Ok well, I like avocado, alright? You know those foods, particular ingredients, that are always deal-breakers for you? The ones you just cannot go past on a menu. Avocado is one of those foods for me. Sometimes my appetite for avocado frightens me.
You can see the dangererous nail sticking out on the left hand side of this photo.

Here is my Baa Baa Burger. It was good, as usual, and I love the relish and mayo, but there was too much lettuce.  A had the Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger – a beef pattie with bacon, cheese, salad, relish, herbed mayo. He also enjoyed his messy dinner but again said there was too much lettuce.

As we finished off our chips (freaking good chips, by the way) we debated the merits of the various dipping sauces on offer. I prefer the herbed mayo (because it’s the closest thing you can get to aioli), whereas A prefers the relish (“It’s classic, timeless, like Spongebob” – no arguments there).

We also discussed the intricacies and complexities of burger eating. For example, how the bottom piece of bread always ends up smaller than the top, because of the way we bite. Should this be rectified by altering our biting method, or by turning the burger upside down for every second bite? The main problem with burgers is keeping them together, a feat which becomes more difficult the more you eat, exponentially so. I think one crucial factor in keeping the burger together is the number of times you put it down and pick it up. Minimise this in order to keep the burger together. Then I suggested The Rule of 5: that the first five bites you take are the most important in determining how the burger will move around as you eat the rest. It was at this point that A put up his hands and said “please, no more”. Good thing too, because the MLC girls sitting at the next table were looking at my camera dubiously. Time to scramble.

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