Happy Lab

April 15, 2012

619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
I recently paid a visit to the friendly people at Happy Lab, Melbourne’s latest designer sweet shop (check http://www.happylab.com.au/ for locations). They’ve only recently set up shop and are offering a Willy Wonka style array of sweets and chocolates for the young and the young at heart.

In a proverbial nutshell, they sell fun chocolates and sweets of a premium quality (read: imported organic Italian almonds, jelly beans from Ireland, American popcorn, Belgian chocolate), all packaged in funky science-style bottles and jars. Quite cool, really. This does mean that their products are at the higher end of the price range, but I think they’re lots of fun and are perfect for gifts or to treat your younger brother/sister!

Test tubes, conical flasks, petri dishes and pill bottles certainly were a hark back to my high school science days! I remember in chemistry class, everything was fine in theory but somehow didn’t translate into practice; my crowning glory in the lab was when I exploded a flask of hydrochloric acid and chromate solution all over myself and the ceiling; my hands were yellow for days afterwards. Fortunately the only yellow things you’ll find here are jelly beans, chocolate buttons and candied ginger!

Milk bottles. Udderly delicious.

Tantalites; French exotic fruits covered in white Belgian chocolate.

Einsteins (not pictured) are what Happy Lab calls chocolate covered hazelnuts, but I can see where they get the name from because the round morsels are dyed white and given a frizzy texture on the outside, resembling Einstein’s hair!

Chocolate squares.

Flavoured pop-corn.

And here are the lovely people from Happy Lab! They were all too eager to show me around and point out their favourite flavours of jelly beans. The empty framed glasses are perhaps taking things a tad too far, but I enjoyed how the lab coats matched the packaging of the sweets.

In the end, we bought some white chocolate studded with almonds and cranberries, some happy beans (peachy pie, pina colada and pear), and my favourite, Karma Neutra (organic Italian almonds coated in a creme brulee paste) – a wonderfully decadent treat. Do pop in and say ‘Hi’, I guarantee one chew of those happy beans and you will be hooked – the proper fruit flavour is addictive!

Happy Beans!

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