Helados Jauja

February 9, 2012

254 Lygon Street, Carlton

It was on a whim that, this afternoon while lying in the sun on the grass outside the Law School, D and I decided to traipse across to Lygon Street for ice-cream. I’d read about Helados Juaja the week before on Broadsheet, and after accidentally heading in the wrong direction, we eventually arrived at the cheerful red building (it’s just below Grattan street on the East side, for those of you with similarly poor directional sense).

Helados Jauji is an Argentinean ice-creamery, and they are extremely proud of their Patagonian heritage, bravely facing off against the armies of Italian gelati shops lining Carlton’s streets. As the friendly shop assistant explained, all ice-creams are hand made in-house, using the freshest ingredients available that day, which is evident in their amazingly creamy texture and clean flavours. All natural colouring too, so the ice-creams don’t take on that almost fluorescent glow as they do at other places.

I was intrigued by many of the more unusual flavours on offer including dulce de leche (Argentinean caramel), cafe de leche and soursop. They’re also targeting the large population of international university students living nearby, offering flavours such as pandan, black sesame and durian.

They are also going to be holding tasting nights in the next few months, where patrons can try samples of all their flavours plus some new combinations they’re experimenting with. Details will be on their facebook page soon, so look out if you’re interested!

D and I both indulged in the cafe con leche, which is served like true Argentinean coffee: a layer of coffee, then a layer of milk. It was brilliant – not overly sweetened and I loved the mixture of the milky creaminess and the bitter coffee. I must say though, these ice-creams do not come cheap! They’re quite pricy at over $5 for one scoop in a waffle cone (though prices differ between flavours based on cost of ingredients, time constraints, etc), but seriously that was the best damn coffee ice-cream I’d ever had! Well worth a visit on the next summery day Melbourne gives us!

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