Heston’s Soft Boiled Egg

May 4, 2012

It was the long weekend, I was up in the country with the family and the day had been wintry and cold. We’d spent time inside warming ourselves by the fire and playing board games (my brother and I triumphed over our parents in an extremely heated match of Trivial Pursuit), and drinking lots of tea. The inevitable flip-side to every long weekend, at least for students, is the study that seems to accumulate and consume your day. For me, this meant some rather dreary revision of Contract Law and footnote corrections for a journal article that I’m editing. Time to break up several hours of this…

With summa this…

And this. Enjoy the Experience? Don’t mind if I do.

Heston’s recipe comes from his new program How to Cook Like Heston, and can be found here (and my my, isn’t Heston looking fit and tanned all of a sudden?) His method is to put the eggs in a pan of cold water, to heat them until boiling point and then take them off the heat and leave for 6 minutes with the lid on. He claims this is appropriate for medium sized eggs, but we were using smaller eggs our neighbour had given us so only left them for 4 minutes.

The cracking. Such a cathartic exercise.

Judgment time.

Success! Thank you Heston!
The beggar. My Dad’s comment of “Don’t beg, Lucie, it is unbecoming for a lady” went unheeded, and she frantically weaved between our chairs hoping to pick up any scraps or charity offerings.
Further provocation by the soldiers wielded more delicious golden yolk that dribbled over the sides.

Why am I writing about eggs, you ask? Plain, boiled eggs? It’s partly because I have a crush on Heston Blumenthal (God knows the man doesn’t need any more publicity but he is still so freaking cute with his glasses and his liquid nitrogen), and partly because I suddenly found myself with a craving for eggs. And I, rather narcissistically, wanted to document this partisan supper of mine.

Hopefully you have enjoyed some egg porn and developed an itch to try the recipe yourselves. As Heston says, boiled eggs with soldiers are one of life’s great pleasures.

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