July 8, 2013

359 Napier Street, Fitzroy

Right. So I ate here with Alice AGES ago and in the interim it’s fallen to the back of my blogging queue so I never got around to it until now. I’ll make this really quick – Ici is a great (if slightly poorly lit) Fitzroy cafe, very simple and homely and worth a visit. The coffee is consistently good as is their food – Broadsheet recently wrote about their porridge which looks perfect for winter, arriving with organic apple, halva, spiced blueberries and pistachios.

Let it be known that the cappuccinos here are a stand out – warming, homely and topped with a pleasant amount of real chocolate.

When we visited, it was really cold and I was really hungry so expertly tucked into a ‘Worker’s Roll’, which sounds like it’s marketed at men, not women. ‘Worker’ my ass – this was meaty and bready in all the right places, and I really enjoyed it.

Alice had the rather pretty looking breakfast salad, with greens, sausage, bacon, etc, all topped with a poached egg. A very pretty looking dish if I do say so myself. “It’s fake healthy”, she said, looking like a child that had gotten away with eating chocolate for dinner.

All up, a pleasant and homely meal at Ici, definitely one to keep in mind next time you’re trawling through the back streets of Fitzroy and don’t care to queue up in the cold!

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