Joe’s Bar and Dining Hall

February 25, 2013

64-66 Acland St, St Kilda

A little while ago I headed down to St Kilda with a group of friends from my undergraduate degree – we were seeing a show later so needed something quick, local and delicious. Not being much of a St Kilda expert, I did a quick search around my favourite blogs and came across a place called Joe’s.

Sound familiar? What used to be the aptly names Greasy Joes has been renovated and given a new lease of life under the name Joe’s Bar & Dining Hall. The food is still American diner style, but the menu has been re-done and I’m all the more happy for it! The fit-out is simple, light wooden tables with pared-back lemon coloured walls, and a new bar running along the middle of the restaurant. It’s a pretty chilled out place, with plenty of sun streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows at the front.

The staff at Joe’s are extremely friendly, eager to explain the menu, and keen to accommodate your needs. We explained we needed our meals quite quickly, and they were happy to oblige – great service. Our waiter was also generous with the alcohol, letting me try three sizeable tastes of beer before I settled on a local St Kilda brew.


The main gig at Joe’s is burgers – almost everyone at our table of eight had the Joe’s classic burger (Guys! Variety, please!) and, desperate for some variety for this review, I ordered the special of the day, the red cola chicken, which is a kind of southern recipe, and a damn fine one at that! You’d have nothing to regret after ordering this – succulent, tangy pieces of grilled chicken and a refreshing cabbage salad. Delish.

CC, “the healthy one” had a chicken salad and some corn featuring a mohawk. Salad was good but it’s the mohawked corn I was really excited about, great way to serve a side dish.

Enticed? “Enough with chicken, salad and corn!” You say, “Get to the burgers!”

Well ok then:

Sweet as.

Got to try a bite of one burger and will vouch for them – juicy beef, strong peppery cheese, good amount of filling. Chips are also great, an old-school, skin-on affair that are cut roughly and slightly soft in the English fish ‘n chip style.

All round a great meal at Joe’s, definitely one to keep in mind next time you’re catching something at the Palais. Finally, thank you to H for being the world’s best hand model – keep on trimming those cuticles, buddy!

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