Joy Cupcakes

June 22, 2011

Southern Cross Lane, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

Joy Cupcakes is a place I stumbled upon a few weeks ago while strolling casually up and down the lane-ways of Melbourne (pretty much all I do with my spare time). I had also read about them on another food blog, and they’d received a raving review, so I was eager to try them. On the same day that we visited Pellegrini’s and Von Haus, T and I (we really did walk a lot that day!) went here and I bought three red velvet cupcakes (my favourite) to take home. They come in a very pretty little box that reads “a little box of joy”.

They look wonderful, they’re packaged beautifully, they’ve been endorsed by other bloggers, and they cost $4 each, so surely they’re good, I thought.

Not so. How mournful.

It was the icing. It was dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. So much so that half-way through I scraped it off and just had the cupcake. I don’t know what they’d done to it, but it had an awful soapy, distinctly detergent-like taste that was very unpleasant. Yuck.

The cake itself was alright, fluffy and light, and with a good chocolate flavour. They use natural food dyes at Joy, so the beetroot dyed cake didn’t have the ruby-red colour that red velvet cupcakes usually do. Kudos for using natural ingredients, but I think I prefer the artificially dyed ones; they look nicer.

Unfortunately a thumbs down for Joy Cupcakes. If you’re after good cupcakes in the CBD I recommend Little Cupcakes in Degraves Street, which I have reviewed here Their red velvet cupcakes are delightful!

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