Kere Kere

March 7, 2012

Engineering Lane, University of Melbourne
Kere Kere is a small coffee kiosk at Melbourne University. Straddling the science buildings, it’s a popular spot for students (including myself). I’ve been coming to Kere Kere ever since I started university several years ago, and I’ve seen it grow from a small wheely cart to an attractive wooden kiosk surrounded by chairs and benches – testament to the success of their coffee and their philosophy (more on that later).
The coffee is excellent here, consistently heated to the perfect temperature and pleasantly smooth. They also do some mean toasted sandwiches – try the pumpkin.
When I went today it was absolutely buzzing with people (pretty standard), but I managed to snap a few pics without being too conspicuous. Also, I think the guy in the blazer and red trousers may be a friend of a friend (kicking dress sense, by the way), but I just couldn’t help but laugh at his “book bag” aka briefcase. Seriously, there must be the smallest textbook in the world inside that slim leather carrier. So much for collegiate scholarship!

Unfortunately the bunting flags aren’t always there, but today was Kere Kere Day, free coffees for all, in the spirit of giving without expecting to receive something in return. The people here never fail to make me smile, and that’s one of the reasons I keep on coming back – friendly service and a good atmosphere. Kere Kere has managed to create, out of a utilitarian University lane way, a social spot for students and staff to meet and mingle.

The other reason I love Kere Kere is because of their inspirational commitment to charity. Upon purchase, you receive a playing card, which is later called out when your coffee order is ready to collect.

At collection, you get to choose where the profits from your purchase go. What a cool system! People always get a thrill at being able to choose. The system works like this: Kere Kere covers their costs, and then distributes excess to the causes listed on their website according to how customers sort their cards. Kere Kere founder James is onto a brilliant thing here, and one which I personally find uplifting. You can find more information on their website (see top of this post).

I’m sure most Melbourne University students already know about Kere Kere, but on the off chance that you don’t, try and take the time to visit!

On an unrelated note, look at the super gorgeous fried rice I had at Middle Fish the other day! I was absolutely blown away by the presentation, and enjoyed mixing all ingredients together with the smoked pork neck and rice. Fresh and delicious! You can see my initial post on Middle Fish here.