Kri Kri

September 3, 2011

41 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
I came here for dinner with some friends after Friday lectures a few weeks ago. I’d been before with family some years ago and thought the food was good, and I am pleased to report that it still is. Greek, I believe, is a cuisine best done in the kitchen of a Greek household. But failing that, there are a number of good, and one or two incredible, (Hellenic republic cough cough) Greek restaurants in Melbourne. Being the resident expert among our group, I took on the role of menu-ordering (gladly and with no small amount of pride, I must say).


To begin, we had:

  • Taramosalata – (pick fish rose dip) very good with a nice lemony kick.
  • Tzatziki – not bad, a tad too thick for my liking, and they’d diced the cucumber whereas I’ve always been taught to slice it as it holds the yoghurt better.
  • Melanzanosalata – (eggplant dip) nice and smoky but had large chunks of capsicum in it which I didn’t enjoy, I’d have preferred a smoother texture, but I guess everyone has their own version of this recipe.
  • Pita bread – soft and chewy, good to see.
  • Saganaki – as expected, a tremendous hit, and we promptly ordered another serve. This was one of my favourites from the night, I just love the salty chewiness of the warmed cheese.

To follow, we devoured:

  • Keftedes – lamb meatballs baked in a tomato sauce. These were very moist and tasty, I really enjoyed them, they were my other favourite of the evening.
  • Chicken – very large skewers of well-cooked chicken pieces in a simple marinade of oregano and lemon.
  • Patates – chips with oregano.

I was so involved in eating that I forgot to take a photo of the table when all the mains were untouched, so here are the remains:

  • Htopodi – I wanted to get a shot of the octopus (but again forgot in my excitement), which was served in the form of one giant tentacle which we carved up ourselves. I initially thought, “holy moly this’ll be so tough!”, but it was cooked very well and was nice and tender, and perfect with a squeeze of lemon. If you’re disgusted at the idea of octopus suckers, I apologise, just scroll down to the moussaka.
  • Moussaka – this, unfortunately, was the let down of the night. It was on the specials list, and when I ordered it the waitress smiled and nodded, “good choice”. But they forgot it, then after we’d finished our other mains, they brought it out, but they’d obviously been in a hurry to get it to the table because it was cold in the centre. It was rather sad to end on this note, but the rest of our meal was good.
To finish, a few of us shared four pieces of cigar shaped baklava (although personally I prefer the layered, diamond shaped pieces), which was nice and had a strong cinnamon taste. All in all, an enormous amount of food for seven people, reasonably good value, and a tasty (if run-of-the-mill) introduction to Greek cuisine.

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