La Tropezienne

November 19, 2011

780 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn
Last Tuesday I was on a mission. A macaron mission.
Time: 1300
Location: Glenferrie Road
Task: Retrieve a dozen macarons
Mission allocated to: Agent Salted CaramelThe best place for macarons in the Eastern suburbs (and indeed one of the best in Melbourne) is La Tropezienne in Hawthorn. A French bakery and patisserie, the place does a brilliant croque monsieur for lunch, but it was desserts I was after on this particular visit.

We were having a small get together at our house, so a box of one dozen assorted macarons was perfect. I didn’t manage to work out all the flavours, but my best guesses are: pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry, hazelnut, rose water, chocolate, lemon and blackberry (or some sort of dark mixed berry).

The macarons had lovely feet, all broken and bristly, and the ones I tried (salted caramel, coffee, raspberry) all had crisp outer shells and a pleasant chewiness to the inside. The coffee in particular was brilliant, it’s amazing how they can get such a strong flavour into such a delicate thing. The salted caramel was nice, but not as nice as the ones at EARL, I noted.

Anyway, I went a bit camera-happy with my Dad’s Canon SLR (hoping for one for myself for Christmas). I had no small amount of fun stacking and rearranging them, so please enjoy a little macaron pornography.

Don’t they look gorgeous cuddled together in their little box?

The Threesome: rose water on top, raspberry in the middle, dark and mysterious berry underneath.

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