Le Nozze di Fig(aro)

March 5, 2012

Le nozze di fig(aro), the marriage of figs (Mozart with a gastronomic twist). Figs, such sweet, sweet deliciousness!! How excellent are fresh figs? I mean, really. And they make such a pretty picture, what with the green exterior and the fleshy pink inside.
Last Friday was another girls’ night in, this time hosted by the very capable Miss N, who put together a brilliant feast of pizzas, salad (into the dressing of which she put apple cider instead of apple vinegar – initially a mistake but potentially a thing of genius?), and clafoutis (more on that later). Needless to say, much food was eaten and many a laugh had.

Miss N’s dog, Puk (possibly the most adorable and cheeky dog I know after my own), spent the evening nuzzling his nose into our crotches and pacing about in the kitchen trying to find pieces of food. There be no such welcome as that provided by an inquisitive dog! Despite his method of greeting, Puk in general is a very cheerful, playful dog who loves going for walks and chasing N’s cat.

Here are the cooked capsicum and salmon pizzas. The salmon was lovely and fresh – I enjoyed how the slick oiliness of the fish disappeared once cooked. Whenever I make salmon + cream cheese bagels, I finish them off by grilling them in the oven briefly, a trick my dad once showed me (the man can’t cook to save his life but he did surprise me with this one!)

The capsicum was just as good, if not better. Lovely and flavoursome with the tried and true combination of feta, pesto and marinated capsicum and zucchini, the Greek within me can’t help but approve.

This is the fig pizza post-oven (figs generously donated from N’s own garden, I should say). You’ll have to excuse the poor quality flash photography due to the low lighting, but we were down to romantic candlelight by then.

The homemade dough was prepped with some truffle infused oil, followed by a tumble of fresh figs, hard goats cheese, prosciutto and finished with a drizzle of balsamic and honey (I don’t deserve that woman). Sticky and sweet and with a salty kick from the prosciutto, this was wonderfully decadent and a brilliant way to finish the pizzas. Well done Miss N!

To finish, N’s self-proclaimed “more fruit than cake” clafoutis, which both N and I like to pronounce in sillily high voices while breaking down the word: Cla – foo – ti (preferably with the “foo” said with an emphasis and at least one octave higher). It’s a french dessert that my mother is particularly keen on, not least of all because it is so damn easy to make.

Basically it’s fruit (we normally use cherries but pear worked just as well) covered in a sort of cake/dough mixture and baked. Once cooked, it’s like a moist (there I go again with that damn word) sponge cake studded with fruit. It went very well with the delicious delicious organic vanilla ice-cream that A had brought along.


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