Let Me Feed You Seattle

August 11, 2012

Seattle is the other city I visited while in the Pacific North-West of the country. By some stroke of luck it didn’t rain at all for the three days we were there, which made for some spectacular views of the city and surrounding lakes.
This is just a quick post on the Pike Place Market, which is quite famous for its fishmongers that throw fish back and forth over the counter to be filleted and wrapped up, before being flung back to the staff on the floor and handed to the customer.

Didn’t manage to catch a photo of them throwing fish, but did get some shots of all the brilliant produce on offer.

Responsible shrimp – they never fall behind on their mortgage payments.

These jumbo lobster tails really were jumbo – it’s hard to sense exactly how big they are from this photo but, to put things in perspective, they were longer and wider than my forearm (please assume average sized forearms, thank you).

I like these fish; they have character.

Hey Larry! Didn’t expect to see you here!

In addition to fresh fish for cooking at home, they sold a number of small things to nibble on as you wandered around the market, such as little pots of mixed sushi (v tempting), these lobster salads or, bizarrely, smoked salmon on a stick. Don’t get me wrong, I love smoked salmon – but on a stick??

The fruit + veg section was quite exciting too – lots of delicious produce, plus some insane looking mushrooms. I also had what I deem to be the best peach of my life at this same stand.

Excellent florist section.

Honey bears!

We were staying with K’s family on Bainbridge Island, which is just outside of Seattle. Commuters take the ferry across to get there, and we enjoyed the view of the city while drinking some delicious clam chowder. Great way to finish our weekend away!

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