Liar Liar brunch #1

February 6, 2011

90 Kinkora Road, Hawthorn

If you know me at all you know how much I love Liar Liar. I admit the place has a pretentious element about it, especially in it’s clientele, Hawthorn-ites who like to think they live in Brunswick or Fitzroy. Liar Liar indeed. But the food and the coffee is so damn good and the staff so friendly I can’t help myself, literally. I’ve also called this post “brunch #1”, because I know for a fact there’ll be many more. And really, how could there not be; I return from five months overseas to find they’ve reinvented their menu, and the breakfast menu in particular looks dazzling.

Aside from what we ordered today, here are some of the other things that caught my eye/I would like to come back to try:

  • Eggs Atlantic (this is partly a lie, I’ve had these numerous times before and I already know they’re amazing, but I thought I’d list them anyway)
  • Banana Bread with honey labna, pistachio, and rhubarb compote
  • Scrambling liar: eggs with chorizo and feta topped with a baby herb salad

All those will have to wait, I’m afraid, till next time. In the end I chose the smashed avocado and feta toast with poached eggs, honey glazed bacon and dukkah. A, my eating companion, got the Big Fat Liar – eggs anyway with bacon, beef chipolatas, tomato, mushrooms, spinach and house-made tomato relish. I’ll go through A’s dish first.

This is A’s “go-to” dish at Liar Liar, and he is always impressed and defeated by the enormous breakfast pile. But as far as breakfast piles go, this one looks especially dleicious – the eggs were perfectly runny, as usual, the spinach looked fresh, the mushrooms big and moist, the bacon was I thought quite pink in colour but perhaps that’s just the type of ham, and the chipolatas (which I was able to try) were delicous and not greasy. But A insisted that the star of the plate was the tomato relish, picquant but slightly sweet as well.

Now onto my breakfast lunch brunch. What can I say, Liar Liar has done it again. This was the first time I’d seen this dish on the menu, and oh my lord it was amazing, I will be hard pressed not to order it again next time. And why wouldn’t it be – it combines some of my favourite foods. Sourdough, freshly smashed (I love that word) avocado mixed with feta cheese (but not too much), streaky bacon with honey, perfectly poached eggs and a spinkling of dukkah. Oh sweet lordy this was delicious!!

Firstly (obviously) my eggs were perfectly poached, and the avocado wasn’t brown as it sometimes is in other places. I think the best bit was the combination of the sweet honey with slightly salty bacon, and the round and homely taste of the avocado and the eggs, all at once. Imagine pancakes with bacon and maple syrup but 100x better (although I do really love avocado so maybe I’m overestimating). I defy anyone to try this dish and not like it.

A review of Liar Liar wouldn’t be complete without trying a coffee, so I ordered my usual latte. *Sigh*, they just don’t make them like this in Bristol. Sure, I found some very good places in Bristol with really good coffee, but nothing could even come close to this. After over 5 months sabatical, I was drinking coffee in Melbourne again! I think it must be the Clover beans they use (which I think they also use at 7 Seeds but forgive me if I’m wrong). Strong, almost luminescent crema, fine and milky froth and heated to the perfect temperature. So so so good, I almost ordered another, but reminded myself that the fewer you have, the more you’ll enjoy each one. Till next time!

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