Liar Liar brunch #2

April 29, 2011

90 Kinkora Road, Hawthorn

It’s the end of the school holidays, so A and I went for brunch this friday (late breakfast on a weekday? how luxurious). We initially headed for Replete on Barkers Road but there was a queue stretching out the door, and we didn’t have a booking. This is my problem with Replete. It’s gotten to the point where you have to make a booking for breakfast. A RESERVATION for BREAKFAST. You’ve got to be joking. I’m sorry, but in what universe is that acceptable? The whole damn point of breakfast/brunch out is it’s a casual affair, you take the dog for a walk and end up at a cafe for coffee and muesli; you meet up with your neighbors or old school friends for french toast; or, in my case, you head out with your brother for eggs with smoked salmon. I refuse to conform to the practice of making bookings for breakfast.

So anyway, we drove past Replete with looks of disgust on our faces (which were pretty much residual expressions from having driven past Carey Grammar’s new Performing Arts Centre a few hundred metres up Barkers road – you know, giant orange building that reminds you of 90s wrapping paper), and continued down behind a tram along Glenferrie Road to Liar Liar which, happily, was busy but had spaces to spare. We nabbed two spots on the communal table and ordered a coffee and a hot chocolate.

As usual the coffee was excellent. I even had two, which is rare for me, I have a rule of one per day. But I mean, it wasn’t really my fault, I just enjoyed my first one so much and then the nice waitress in the pretty blue dress came and asked if I’d like another so I said yes and…well…there’s the extent of my self-control for you. A’s hot chocolate looked very good, and later he had a “refresher” juice, with watermelon, mint and I think apple (?) which was indeed, as promised, refreshing.

A surprised me by forgoing the Big Fat Liar and going instead for the scrambled eggs with chorizo, herbs, feta and fresh rocket. It did look delicious, especially with those pieces of chorizo, but A said that while it was good, he would have liked a little more feta. I suppose that’s the Greek coming through – you can never have too much feta!

I had one of my favourite breakfast dishes, poached eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce, what Liar Liar calls Eggs Atlantic. Mm-Mm! I was delicious – wonderfully lemony hollandaise and perfectly poached eggs on good sourdough (and the bread really does make all the difference). This is pretty much my standard dish, and Liar Liar does the best version I’ve found in Melbourne so far. Thanks again!

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