Little Cupcakes

March 28, 2011

Shop 7 Degraves Street, Melbourne

Oh, sweetie, where would I be without you? Ever since I discovered Little Cupcakes over a year ago, I cannot go down that part of town without wistfully thinking of fluffy cupcakes with creamy dollops of icing. When you eat here the cupcakes come out on a gorgeous little wooden tray, and are nicely washed down with a flat white. But on this particular occasion I had to head home so got a box of M’s favourite flavour (red velvet – incidentally also my favourite, in case you were wondering).

Sadly they don’t allow photos of the display cabinet, which when I went was brimming with hundreds of teeny-tiny cupcakes in over a dozen different flavours, a lovely melange of colours. I suppose you’ll just have to pop down to Degraves Street and see for yourself. And while we’re on the subject, just a quick word about the Melbourne icon that is Degraves Street. For me, it encapsulated that laneway grunge that Melbourne is so good at. There’s great coffee and good food at almost every cafe lining the lane, and I love how the tables spill out into the centre under umbrellas.

As I said earlier, whenever I go I can never resist buying a red velvet cupcake (so good!), but they have about 20 other flavours on display (seriously wish I could have taken a photo, all these colourful little jems looking up at you from the shop cabinet). Some of the other flavours that I can endorse are Belgian Choclate (decadent goodness), Cherry Chocolate (bittersweet icing), Strawberry, Carrot (I LOVE carrot cake) and Teddy Bear (complete with a happy, sleepy or grumpy tiny teddy on top)

But back to the cupcake I actually ate this time. The cake was light and fluffy, moist and had a nice chocoalte taste without being too overwhelming. And I love the wonderful red colour (it was brighter than it appears in the picture) with the innocent creamy frosting (in my opinion the star of the show, tangy because of the cream cheese in it). Dee-licious!

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