Lumpy Coffee at Seven Seeds

August 16, 2012

The plan was for this post to be completely positive about Seven Seeds’ new sandwiches, which cost around $7 and are delicious and jam packed with all manner of goodies to fill your tummy. On the day I went they had ham, cheese and salad, pressed between some chewy bread. All good news.

The bad news (and I am not at all happy about delivering this because it’s a real shame), is that I had a lumpy coffee from seven seeds today. LUMPY. Which, let’s face it, is pretty rank and unacceptable, especially for $4 a cup.

The taste of my soy latte was fine, but I could feel the lumps as I drank it, and upon further inspection it seems that the acid in the coffee may have coagulated the proteins in the soy milk, effectively resulting in little pieces of instant tofu (you can see some on the side of the cup).

This effect may be due to a number of things; research suggests the acidity of the coffee, the temperature of the coffee, the brand of the soy milk or the speed at which the milk was added to the coffee are all relevant factors.

But let me just assert that I’ve never had this problem before with soy milk coffees, ever. So to experience it from Seven Seeds, where you expect the baristers are very skilled and knowledgeable, was really disappointing.

In short, it was gross as hell to look at and has certainly put me off coffee there for a while! So the next time you order your soy coffee to go, just keep this image in mind…


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