May 14, 2013

173 Rankins Road, Kensington

Earlier this year my friend T finally made the move out of college and into a shared apartment (congrats buddy!), settling into the newly residential side of Kensington, only a brief walk from the train station. Met up for lunch in his new ‘hood and was treated to coffee and eggs at his favourite local; Luncheonette.

A cute and cosy cafe tucked away from the hustle of the main drag, Luncheonette is sure to have your spine tingling with the sudden need to indulge in all things quaint, home made and knitted. Pint-sized and cutesy it may be, but it punches above its weight in terms of quality of food delivered.

The menu, much like the kitchen, is very small, so don’t expect to be offered a huge range of breakfast options. Do expect a few solid and tasty performers including baked eggs, homemade granola with rosewater-poached rhubarb, or a belgian waffle with toasted hazelnuts and organic maple syrup.

Two serves of the shakshuka eggs and a couple of strong long maccs went down a treat. I very much enjoyed dunking pieces of Dench baguette into the sweet-spicy stew of red peppers and tomato. Luncheonette also has a killer list of sandwiches and other bready things available all day – I’m hankering for some smashed chickpeas, lemony tahini and piquillo peppers stuffed into a roll. It’s a neighbourhood secret so keep it quiet – but do pop over for a visit if you’re in Kensington!

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