Massive Wieners

February 27, 2012

113 Greville St, Prahran

Phwoar, would you look at that wiener!? It is quite substantially large. And long. Massive, one might even say.

Yep, you’ve guessed correctly, Massive Wieners is under review by Let Me Feed You! I was out on the town last week with some friends, and for dinner I suggested we all head over to Greville Street to chomp down on some massive wieners (cue cringing from two of the girls in the group). No further objections besides a slight prudish tendency from one of us, we set off, with many jokes and giggles erupting (sorry) along the way (please excuse me if I get a bit silly in this post).

I have a friend called Charlie who was in attendance that evening. You can’t see it in this photo but they sell “Charlie’s” lemonades/juices, and the top of the fridge had the word “Charlie’s” on it. Taken from the right angle in the correct light, the words “Charlie’s MASSIVE WIENER” could be nicely framed.

The place is owned and run by these guys, Dave Brennan and Liam Magee, who have a keen sense of humour about the project, not least of all expressed in their uniforms.

The menu is simple and effective; select your toppings, then select your size, all of which I feel are very reasonably priced.

This lovely lady took and delivered our orders, which came out promptly, making this place perfect for a quick stop-over and refuel. The concept and branding behind Massive Wieners is brilliant – a funky shop front serving cheap fast food with a satirical edge, perfectly catering to the hordes of bar/club-goers that stream up and down Greville Street at night. Smack-bang on target with Epicure’s over-emphasised trend of “Man Food”.

Note, the coin jar (glass bottle seen in this picture) doesn’t fit any coins larger than 20c, but you can leave larger tips on the counter.

The boys all went for Massive Wieners (none I them, I suspect, willing to order an Average Joe or, heaven forbid, a Little Pecker for fear of what it might imply). Here is a massive pickle wiener with cheese (cheese located underneath wiener…eughhh…every sentence I write conjures up more gross images than the last!)

I had an Average Joe with pickle, which was very good. Average Joes, at 6 inches, are half the size of Massive Wieners, and much easier to eat. Although as one of the group put it, “as long as you have a good grip on the buns, eating a massive wiener is a cinch”. I also tried a Kraut wiener, which was nice and sour but I think the Pickle comes out on top.

Gratuitous photo of a massive wiener.

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