Mountain Goat Brewery

August 17, 2011

80 North Street, Richmond
I was here a couple of Friday’s ago for J’s 21st drinks. Upon her advice, most of the party arrived here early (read: before 6), because, as J correctly warned, the place gets very packed very soon! I really enjoyed the feel of the Brewery, sort of Little Creatures-esque but with a more genuine, warehouse feel to it. The crowd was relaxed, the pints were flowing, and so was the conversation.

This is a terrible photo, but I wanted to show the awesome looking stacked boxes of beer towering above the bar (obviously attached to the wall rather than precariously stuck, but still a cool effect I thought).

Another thing you should know about Mountain Goat Brewery: damn fine pizzas. Damn fine indeed. Get the one with ham and olives or my favourite, the white based pizza with broccolini, gorgonzola, caramelised onions and pinenuts. To drink, I recommend the Steam Ale, nice and crisp without being too heavy, or the Australian organic cider on offer (which I have forgotten the name of, how terrible of me). All in all, a good place for a casual night out.

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