Mr Burger

May 2, 2013

93 Therry Street, Melbourne (Queen Vic Markets) & various other locations

Burger week continues, this time with one of Melbourne’s newest food trucks, Mr Burger! With a convoy of bright orange trucks and an enviable license to trade in the city of Yarra, keep your eyes peeled for these set of wheels, rolling into a Collingwood street near you!

In addition to their mobile fleet of burger grills, Mr Burger has a semi-permanent set up going on at the Vic Market on trading days. S and I traipsed down from uni one Tuesday to check out their offerings. They’ve got a simple, uncomplicated menu; three burgers (meat, extra meat, or veg), chips and a few cans of drink. All burgers come with a (slightly excessive) triumvirate of sauces: tomato, mustard and mayonnaise, in addition to the requisite salad and pickles.

Burgers arrive packed tightly into a cute little lunch box, perfect to tuck under your arm and walk with to the nearest park bench.

Unfortunately, when it came down to it, the burger didn’t quite meet my standards. Two things I think let the burger down. Firstly the patty was a tad bland, certainly compared to other food trucks it was thin and boring. Some seasoning or a bit of onion in the patty mixture wouldn’t have gone astray. Secondly, that beautiful brioche bun was ruined by the THREE sauces (three really is too many) – within minutes the entire thing was soaking wet and soggy. Not pleasant to eat at all.

It was a real shame, because I like the concept of this food truck. I like the simple menu. I like the presentation in a cute little lunch box. I like the fries. I just wasn’t won over by the burger. But as S said, after a few beers, really who would care? The woman has a point. Plus they are some of the cheapest burgers I’ve seen in a while, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so harsh on the sauciness.

S, for the sake of variety, had the felafel burger. Being legit Lebanese herself (and thus qualified to judge on the quality of the felafel), S thought it was ok but not brilliant, and said her burger suffered from the same issue as mine: too much sauce. Also, who puts mustard and tomato sauce and mayo with a felafel? It might be worthwhile either changing to a mushroom burger or changing the accompaniments to tahini and hummous or some such thing.

Anyway, not a bad burger overall, could do with a bit more seasoning and a bit less sauce, but a good concept and a welcome addition to Melbourne’s food truck scene. Finally, here’s the requisite burger-themed link: watch this guy draw the Mona Lisa using the grease from a burger. Intrigued? Disgusted? Hungry? Have a burger.

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