New Year’s Eve Paella

January 1, 2012

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was at a house party for NYE. Our host C and his parents, A and E, kindly provided most of the drink and most of the food, including, among other things, some delicious Sangria (the best I’ve had outside of Spain) and paella, which was cooked outside in a proper paella dish that was sitting on a tripod and fitted with a small gas burner.

Their dog, Rocky, is a big ball of cheeky – he looks all muscly and fierce but is actually desperately keen to be around people and receive attention. I thought it quite ironic really, because the next morning they were playing all the Rocky movies one after the other, and this Rocky enjoyed sliding around the polished wooden floors after his ball and engaging in a little tug of war.

This was his reaction when I pointed the camera at him.

Now to the paella. It begins with a base of onions and peppers that have been cooked in saffron threads, and had paprika added to them.

This is the paprika that A used: it’s from Spain and I found the picture on the tin quite funny. It reminded me of Monty Python for some reason.

Over the next hour, to the paella was added chicken, large pieces of salmon, and all sorts of delicious seafood like calamari and scallops and prawns and mussels, and it all cooked slowly till the beautiful aromatic scent of saffron lifted from the pan.

FINALLY, eating time! Having been watching and smelling and photographing, I couldn’t wait to have some. It was delicious, and such a treat for NYE. The rice was cooked perfectly, and I really enjoyed the range of seafood, especially the salmon which was lovely and pink and soft. Thank you to A, C and E!! (Which incidentally and appropriately spells ACE). Happy 2012 everybody!

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