Not Telling

November 15, 2012

63 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

If I can be so cocky as to assume that some of you are regular readers, you’ll have noticed that it’s been a LONG TIME since I last updated. Those of you who’ve been following for over a year may have realised November is exam time, that terrible, terrible, period of the year where I become an absolute recluse, emerging from the library only to buy coffees and the occasional muffin to fuel my frantic revision. It’s a truly ugly time.
This exam period has been particularly nasty, what with exams and essays spread over three weeks, not to mention my highly considerate macbook that decided to die on me right in the middle of it all. Thankfully I’d been backing up my work every evening, but I have a feeling some photos for the blog are on the computer, having been deleted off my camera – hopefully the “geniuses” at Apple can help me retrieve them.
Anyway, exams and crappy macbook aside, I am currently sitting on a horrendous legal theory essay which refuses to write itself, so have been driven back to the blog as as form of procrastination.
Thankfully this post is about Not Telling, the quaint and cheery little coffee bar (their menu is small but delicious and slowly expanding) on Burwood Road that’s guaranteed to make you smile.
Nic and I met up for a quick swot vac brekkie here a few weeks ago – owner Verity Govett (ex-Cup of Truth) knows her stuff when it comes to a good latte, strong and creamy and served with a smile! Plus I am loving her choice of multicoloured cups and saucers, and floral arrangements.
Branching out a bit from the usual caffeinated hit, a chai latte was also a great success, coming in a large huggable mug and with a homely sprinkle of cinnamon on top.
Nic and I both had a serve of the bircher museli, which was fanastic, served with a good dollop of vanilla yoghurt on top. Strawberry coulis added a pleasant fruity tang.

Also on the menu are baguettes for lunch, and delicious flakey pastries from Vue de Monde for a cheeky accompaniment to your coffee.

It seems that despite the cafe’s name, word has gotten out about the place – a steady stream of locals flowed in and out while we were perched at the window. And with a position opposite Hawthorn station and coffee this good, it’s not difficult to see why! Go check it out for yourself.

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