Bristol: Park Street Cafe

February 5, 2011

11 Park Street, Bristol

Ok, just one more copied review from Bristol, I promise! I remember going to this coffee thinking “I must write about this in my review, so remember to take a picture!” This place had just opened up, I’d been told, so a review was expected. This review was originally written the 11th January 2011.

It was such a joy to be out and about in Bristol again this week, and as I strode down Park St. listening to the The Four Tops on my Ipod (“baby I need your loving, got to have all your loving”), not even the rain that had been so persistent all day could dampen my mood. I was having coffee. With M. The place was light and modern, but welcoming at the same time, and I especially loved how they had cakes and pastries on a table in the room so you could pick and choose and cut a slice yourself. I got a latte, M got a hot chocolate, and the staff were very friendly, especially towards M, who I suspect comes here quite often seeing as it’s just across the road from her apartment. The froth was very good (I believe you can tell much about the quality of a coffee from its froth), and indeed yes, the coffee was wonderful. Heated to the perfect temperature, wonderfully creamy and with a well-rounded flavour. Delicious, thank you M!


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