Porgie and Mr Jones

February 27, 2011

291 Auburn Road, Hawthorn

P&MJ, you are fabulous. I was there just over a week ago for lunch, having heard from several people that it’s a great place, and I am so happy to confirm that. The whole time I was there they were playing old Broadway tunes quietly in the background, and I liked the industrial lighting, exposed brick walls, and wooden tables with slightly stripped paint. They also had a delicious selection of sweets in the counter cabinet, as well as Noisette bread and organic eggs and Bonne Maman jam for sale. The staff were very friendly, and I was given a smile upon entry and offered a drink to start with upon sitting down.

First up I ordered a latte, it arrived quickly and with the most adorable pattern drawn into the milky froth. Very smooth froth, lovely milky taste. The coffee itself was great, not very strong I noticed with interest, but that doesn’t necessitate a poor latte. My only dislike is that it was perhaps a tad too lukewarm, a little more heat wouldn’t have gone astray. But anyway, I immensely enjoyed sipping on my latte and reading an article in The Australian about how women’s mathematical abilities are worsened by the presence of “attentive” men more so than men’s abilities are by the presence of women. Well damn…

For lunch I decided on one of the P&MJ “classics”, smashed avocado with thyme buttered mushrooms, marinated feta and basil on whole-grain toast plus a poached egg. Outstanding. There is NOTHING about this dish that I don’t like. Honestly, in discussing what I liked about this dish, I’d just end up listing all the ingredients I mentioned above. The smashed avocado was wonderfully lemony and not at all browned, there was lots of creamy soft feta (which wasn’t very salty which makes me think it wasn’t real Greek feta – but in the context of this dish I will forgive that because the salty bite of Greek feta may have been too much), and the mushrooms smelt so amazing when placed in front of me I rushed to take the photo just to try them. Sure enough, amazing. I’d say the mushrooms and the feta were the stars of the show here, although I should say the egg was also perfectly cooked and trimmed nicely.

Shall I compare thee to the very similar avocado/bacon/poached egg on toast at Liar Liar (seeing as this dish can also be ordered as breakfast)? I’d rather not, actually. I liked both dishes incredibly well for different reasons. The taste sensation was different, so I feel it unnecessary to compare them. In any case, they’re both brilliant.

Ahhh, what a difference a nice lunch makes! My meal at Porgie & Mr Jones really perked me up and I looked out onto Auburn Road with a new verve about what the rest of the day might hold. Kudos also for the flower pots hanging from the awning outside.

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