September 15, 2011

15 Morey Street, Armadale

I came to Sardine for a quick lunch with D a couple of weekends ago. Sun streaming down Armadale High Street, we initially headed for Coin Laundry but, as expected on a Saturday, the queue was insane. Since I had an early afternoon appointment, we backtracked over the station to Sardine, a small, colourful cafe that takes up one of the shopfronts on Morey Street.
Inside was just as small as outside, but the white walls were livened by a giant piece of artwork made entirely of colourful plastic lids and bottlecaps, which I though matched the overall quirky-tea-party style of the place. A small selection of goodies sat on the counter.

Our coffees were nice, I quite liked the black cup and saucer D’s flat white came in, it’s a nice change to the patent red every other cafe seems to be pulling these days.

The menu at Sardine is very small and, I noted, geared more towards women (a conclusion drawn based on their clientele on the day). I think D struggled somewhat to find something that really jumped out at him on the menu, and I empathise: the worst feeling is reading through a menu with a sinking feeling of ennui because nothing particularly appeals to you. Menus should be exciting.

In any case, he decided on the red chilli scrambled eggs with bacon, spring onion and parsley. I thought it looked great and colourful when it came out, but he said though the eggs were nice, they weren’t anything to write home about.

“Spring has sprung!!” is what my salad said to me when it appeared on our table. Grinning, I tucked into the tasty goodness of avocado, artichokes, almonds, green beans and feta. I like every ingredient in this salad, and I was really glad I change my mind from having the plain avocado on toast. I did wish, however, that there was less artichoke and more avocado, and that they’d blanched the beans a little, because they were a tad tough to bite into completely raw. But the honey lemon dressing was an absolute win, I’d definitely return to have this salad again.

Such a cheery dish!

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