Seven Seeds

March 13, 2011

114 Berkeley Street, Carlton
It was the first day back at University, and after an economics lecture R and I met up with T at Seven seeds in Carlton for coffee and a catch-up. If you like coffee and haven’t been here you’re missing out, honestly. Those Melbourne Law students are blessed to have such a fabulous coffee supplier so close!

Inside is sort of industrial looking, and the roasting room is in the same building, sometimes you can see them at work behind the glass sliding doors. I especially like the crocheted red drapes for the lights above the counter, and the exposed beams on the ceiling.

T had (somehow) survived a two hour financial investments lecture without any breakfast (poor thing), and since it was late-morning we figured it was practically lunch time and she ordered the chickpea and brown rice salad with roasted capsicum, dried fruit, toasted nuts, herbs and a pomegranate molasses dressing. I tried a bit and liked it, the initial sweetness of the molasses was held up nicely by the coarse and firm brown rice and chickpeas. She said she liked it, and it certainly looks lovely and colourful. The other thing on the menu that caught my eye was the Garlic and thyme marinated mushrooms, whipped Greek feta, dressed rocket and fennel on toasted sourdough, YUM.

But this place is really about the coffee (check out my other review for more food comments). Pros order espresso’s but I prefer something less intense, so ordered a latte. Oh man, I had really missed the coffee at Seven Seeds while in the UK. In fact, there’s nothing quite like it elsewhere in Melbourne, either. Not too strong, with a nutty round flavour and not a huge amount of froth, but what was there was silky smooth and delectably milky. Monday morning coffees at Seven Seeds reinstated, yes?

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