Seven Seeds

May 10, 2011

114 Berkeley Street, Carlton
To console myself over my terrible exam timetable (yes I only have four and yes I am complaining largely because I have three in one week and two on the same day, but I’m not a bloomin’ med student, give me a break!), I had breakfast out, forgoing the usual cereal (Uncle Toby’s….again….how thrilling). Place of choice was quite obviously Seven Seeds, it was Monday morning, after all.
The coffee was good, as expected, nice and creamy, good temperature. Plus I always get such a thrill looking at the patterns in the froth, even if the barista hasn’t done anything special to it (though in this case he had drawn a leaf pattern). Perhaps you can tell someone’s future by “reading their froth”, much like you would tea leaves, except with coffee. Has anyone looked into this? You should. You’d make a killing for sure.

I had the breakfast special, potato and spring onion rosti, smoked salmon, rocket and avocado salad with a poached FR egg. It was great, fresh and fruity, very tasty dressing on the salad, though I couldn’t quite pick it. And so much avocado! The salmon was prettily pink, and the egg was good, but the inside of the white was still very translucent, and jelly-like, not very pleasant to swallow. I’m not sure, is this what a good poached egg is supposed to be like but I just don’t know?

They’ve recently redone their menu (no more marinated mushrooms and whipped feta, noooo!!), but these other dishes interest me:
Brioche french toast, whipped blueberry mascarpone, spiced syrup, hazelnut crumble.
Crushed pea, mint and spring onion FR omelette, whipped feta, beetroot jam, organic sourdough. I’ve had this – it sounds confusing because you can’t quite work out what it is (an omelette in a toasted sandwich with beetroot jam on the side). It’s delicious, really good, but I couldn’t detect any feta in mine…

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